My week in tv

Okay,in my last post I kinda ripped Empire.I said the show had become boring and the plots predictable. On a positive note,I did say I hoped that they got it together, and brought back the excitement that catapulted them to the top. Well, let’s just say that the last two episodes have brought back a bit of the Season 1 fire. For this week’s episode tease,  we see a woman being brought in to see Luscious. We now know that this woman is his mother,who by Luscious’ own account shot herself in the head. Not sure how she survived,but I am anxious to see the outcome.  Oh, and by the way I am still not digging the music.No shade thrown to Timbaland (who I think is amazing). It can’t be easy coming up with a soundtrack every week. It’s just not hitting the MP3 download status of the 1st Season.

Moving on.

Did you check out last week’s extremely touching episode of Chicago Fire? (S4 Ep.20 The Last one for Mom) I wondered about doing a review of it since I work on the show as a core background extra. But, I decided to go ahead and it, since I watch it for the first time when everyone else does. Now that we have that meaningless self-plug out of the way. Let me tell you. I was so glad I watched this alone. I cried, so hard! Max Jenkins,the young actor portraying, J.J. did a phenomenal job! If you haven’t seen it yet,check it out. It’s really good. After 4 seasons, this show still gets it right, to me. There is love, drama, suspense and the occasional comic relief. With only 3 episodes left, I can only imagine what cliffhanger they will leave us with to ponder over the hiatus. The writers,directors, cast and crew continue to do an excellent job. Chicago Fire is definitely in my,Top 5! (And I am not just saying that because I still want a job for Season 5 and beyond)

Last one for this week

Now you know I had to talk about my favorite show. Limitless!! The second part of the season finale did not disappoint. As of this post,I still don’t know if they have been given the go ahead for a 2nd season. I can’t for the life of my think of why they wouldn’t. I mean, 2 Broke Girls is still on the air. Anyway, the finale tied up a few loose ends and left a few dangling. Brian finally found Piper and he got a “forever immunity shot.” The bad guy Sands was shot but not killed. And, Senator Morra was nowhere to be found,leaving us lots of great opportunity for a Season 2 story line. Are you listening to me CBS? I need you to do the right thing with this show and keep it on the air.

NEXT POST PREVIEW: I’ll be giving you my preview of, Captain America: Civil War.