Disney/Pixar has a Winner with Cars 3


I have to admit, as much as I love Disney Pixar films, I wasn’t all that enthusiastic when I heard they were making a 3rd Cars movie. I was a huge fan of the 1st one, but I was on the fence about the 2nd one. The trailer of the 3rd got me interested again and now I have confirmation as to why. Cars 3 has managed to reignite this series with a wonderful story, tons of action, and animation like I have never seen done before in any other Disney Pixar film. They have brought back the excitement with this one and children of all ages will definitely enjoy seeing Lightning McQueen back on the big screen. I went with my husband and 2 teenage sons and they all enjoyed it as much as I did. We all really appreciated that they went back to the roots of the original film for this one. It gave the film a nostalgic but very refreshing feel. The introduction of some new characters along with the old standbys gives everyone from first-timers and fans of the 1st movie something to relate to and cheer on. I won’t give any of the plot away because I hate when I go to a movie knowing most of what is going to happen. I will say this, if you have the opportunity to see this film in 3D, do it! I have never been a fan of movies in 3D, but if they all look as stunning as this one does, then I will forever be a convert.

Cars 3 is fresh, fun, exciting and will have you cheering out loud!
It has a running time of 1hr and 49mins and carries a “true” G rating.
Check it out Friday, June 16th 2017


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