My review of Arrival

Hey, Everybody! I haven’t been blogging about the movies like I should, but I a few reviews coming up this week. If you have read any of my other reviews, then you have probably figured out that I rarely see any movie when it first comes out. In fact, I am lucky if I see a movie within the first. Okay, I’m not really that bad, but it does take me a minute. Anyway, I checked out Arrival last weekend and I wasn’t disappointed. I was drawn to this film just from the release date. It came out on November 11th and that 1111 happens to be a very special number to me. I won’t go into all that. Anyway, I found this movie to be, AMAZING! Amy Adams does a phenomenal job as Dr. Louise Banks, a linguist brought in by the government to help decode an alien language when they unexpectedly arrive on Earth. As I was watching this movie, I remember hoping that I would get it. That the wonderful symbolism in this film would not escape me. Luckily, that didn’t happen. I found myself going through a range of emotions watching this movie. Happiness, sadness, and a general sense of being in awe. It is my practice not to reveal too much in my reviews because my hope is that you will watch these movies yourself. I will end it like this. If you love good movies, watch Arrival. If you appreciate movies that take you deeper, watch Arrival. If you like movies that stay with you a few days after you see them, then by all means, watch Arrival. This movie is suitable for ages 13 and up, but the younger set might not be able to get the true gist of all that is going on.

Arrival has a running time of 1 hr and 56 mins. And is rated PG-13


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