TV Reviews

I have got to do better. I have been so inundated with work, class, homeschooling, and the fact that I am a grandma now, that I have neglected my blog. I am shamelessly behind in my movie reviews. So today I am switching gears and doing television reviews.

First up, Empire.

Empire appeared on the scene like a megaton of fireworks. It was loud, bright, crazy, and gave you so many,”aaah moments”. This season,  I am searching through the embers trying to find a spark somewhere. It started out okay, but after a dreadfully long break, it returned very sluggish. I have not been impressed with the writing this year. It is totally predictable. And,I haven’t been thrilled with the songs either. Truthfully, the best thing going for them this season is the Freda Gatz character,played by Bre-z. She is a force to be reckoned with. With the other artists, It is as if they hope you are mesmerized by the music and pray you don’t actually listen to the lyrics. Which for the most part have been sophomoric and boring. I still have hope that it can turn around. Especially with the tease that Lucious’ mother might not actually be dead. Which would be weird in itself since Lucious said he watched his mother shoot herself in the head. Anyway, I hope they get it together. I miss the energy and excitement of Season One.

Next up, The Blacklist

WOW! WOW! WOW!  I used to watch this show only sporadically. But, I make sure I watch it weekly now. The Blacklist stays exciting and this season just tripped me the heck out with the “death of Elizabeth Keen.”  Of course, I have my own theory about this. I don’t think she is actually dead. I think they found an ingenious way to give her time to enjoy her pregnancy. As far as her character, I believe they staged her death to give her and the baby a chance to be safe from Reddington. They hinted at this a bit in last week’s episode. I loved that this episode was so different than any other one they have ever shot. SPOILER ALERT!! (even though you should have seen it by now)  I figured that Red was dreaming, but there were moments that I wasn’t sure he was. It had me going all until he asked her her name.  I’ll leave it at that. I can’t wait to see if my theory is correct and also to see how they bring her back. Because Elizabeth has to come back!! James Spader, as Raymond Reddington continues to amaze me weekly. Blacklist remains strong in Season 3, and is definitely in my top 5.

Last but not certainly not least, Limitless

I LOVE THIS SHOW! Limitless, is by far my favorite show this season. The energy of this show is infectious. Jake McDorman has broken out the gate and taken us all on crazy, wild ride as Brian Finch. A below average Joe who “sees the light” when he is given the drug NZT which makes him the smartest man in the room.  Because of his new found abilities, he is helping out the FBI.  If you saw the original movie, (with the same title) You would know that the movie itself was pretty awesome with the title character of Edward Morra played by Bradley Cooper. Cooper has a recurring role on this show and is also of the show’s producers  This spin off from that movie has all the elements. Comedy, Drama, Espionage, with just a touch of Sci-fi. It is fresh, innovative and definitely what I believe has been missing off of network television for a very long time. You never know from week to week what you’re going to see. Will it be cut-aways to cat videos? Will Brian be seriously trying help the team to solve a murder,or will they totally turn the world on its’ head and switch up all the words in the dialogue to cute and cuddly speech so as to not offend Brian’s overloaded senses. (Actually happened in Episode 13 ) I hope that CBS realizes the amazing show they have, and gives Limitless the green light for a second season!

Well, that’s all for today Ladies and Gents. Let me know what some of your favorite TV shows are this season.



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