Something Old, something new

Okay, so I had the rare moment of actually seeing 2 movies yesterday.I checked out last year’s Maze Runner and this year’s Age of Adaline. Starting out with the Maze Runner. While, I enjoyed the movie’s action and the characters, I still have absolutely no idea about what the story is really about. If someone asked me to tell them about the movie, I really couldn’t. I watched it with my 11 year old son and wondered if the content would disturb him. there is mild violence and one implied suicide by gunshot. It wasn’t explicit and it didn’t bother him or me. I may have to my 13 year old’s copy of the book so I can get some more insight into the whole story. I almost didn’t finish it and if it hadn’t been for my son’s interest, I probably wouldn’t have finished it. Not because it was bad, I just never was interested in watching it. Glad I watched it though.

Next up; Age of Adaline.

I had seen this movie advertised a few times and I figured I should check it out. I wondered if it would be a bit “Benjamin Buttonish”. It wasn’t, I am glad to say.  Even though I really like that movie. The main character Adaline, played by Blake Lively was kind of a sad tortured soul, trapped in a body that couldn’t age after a series of strange occurrences literally changed her molecular structure. I won’t tell you the movie, but I thought it was good. Not Hollywood blockbuster good but, I would probably watch it again, because I am a sucker for a good love story. Harrison Ford makes a brief appearance as someone from Adaline’s past that brings the story to it’s climax. It is a sweet story, not too confusing or overdone. So overall, The Maze Runner was watchable. A tad confusing to me but I will check out Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials just to see if I can understand it better. Age of Adaline: I like the way the story was told. The background VO reminded a bit of Stranger Than Fiction. But, it wasn’t done to death. Good acting and I think if you like love stories, you will enjoy this one.

Those are my reviews for the week. Let me know what you’re watching.


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